Sunday, January 14, 2007

Other Websites I Can't Live Without

I previously listed 20 Websites I can't live without, but there are more...

TV Guide - This are the listings that you can customize for your zip code & Cable or Satellite provider.

Century 25 Union City - This is where I usually go see the movies, mainly because they still have $6.75 bargain matinees with $10.00 regular price.

Jack London Regal Movies - SFO Pizza is right across the street and it's close to work. $9.50 regular & $7.50 matinees

Regal Hacienda 20/IMAX - Closest to my house, but highest prices. $11.00 regular & $8.00 matinee. IMAX is $14.00

Turner Classic Movies - It's got a three month schedule for the Turner Classic movie channel, lots of info about movies, especially old movies. You can make a suggestion for TCM to schedule your favorite. - If you want to bet on sports or horseracing, Bodog is your best bet.

Laurel's TV Picks - I always check Laurel's TV Picks site at the beginning of a new fall TV Season. She's got info on the new shows and an excellent schedule grid that I use to program my various DVR's.

It's Your Show - This is where I submitted my Emperor Penguin Nightmare video and they called me and asked for a better version for the actual TV show. It's a place where you can win prizes for your videos. They have different challenges and they give you sound effects and music to help you create something.

Paul's Hat Works - I've always wanted a custom made Panama Hat, so as soon as I get a windfall, I'm heading to Paul's Hat Works or to Panama Hats by Brent Black. - If you are looking for an Orchid, this is the place to get it. - If you are looking for an unusual gift and it happens to be a Burl Wood box, where else would you go? - Looking for a Weather Station, look no farther.

Carbubble's Photos - Using Picasa to store web photo albums

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