During this five day program you will:
Learn to design and deliver an inspiring message.
Create your own authentic and confident “Presence & Persona.”
Develop a new relationship with your voice and essential skills to step into your power and build rapport.

Practice using stories, spontaneity and humor.

See how to market yourself to get booked.

Learn about producing and selling Back of the Room (BOR) products – a huge income potential.

Hear secrets, shortcuts and the mistakes to avoid, saving yourself money and cutting years off your leaning curve

Even if you just want to be a better speaker, you should register for the class. Click here for the link.

I'm also going to visit one of Marcia's seminar speakers - Renée Stephens and take her Say Goodbye to Food Compulsion session (
Mind For Body). My plan is to be someone completely new by October 2007, so much so that some people won't recognize me. I've gone through big transitions before and sometimes it's just better to do a whole bunch at once. I'm in a non-creative rut that I need to break out of.

I'm going to relax down in Monterey for a couple of days at the end of the week... then go back to my dull work world during the day and stay creative at night and on weekends...