Saturday, September 30, 2006

The World at this time

it's a big conflict of bad things

War=bad, terrorists=bad, dead american soldiers=bad, torture=bad, no torture=bad, listening in on phone calls=bad, not listening in=bad, dead americans=bad, illegal aliens=bad, nuclear bombs=really bad, stay the course? why? change the course? better not, then terrorists win=bad.

before going to Iraq, everyone said it would be quick, but I said: "we're still in Korea after 50 years, so why doesn't anybody just admit it will be like that in Iraq?" Bush gave the terrorists a timetable - he said troops would be there as long as he's president, which is Jan 2009. if they really wanted us to go, they could just stop fighting for 6 months.

too much obfuscation lately. Where is "Morning in America"? bring back Reagan.

I'm voting Yes on Q - parks & open space for Castro Valley.