Friday, June 23, 2006

World Series of Poker Update

I got my confirmation from the WSOP today. I got into flight C, which is on Sunday, July 30th. I'm arriving in Vegas on July 27th, so I'll have 3 days to settle in, check out the lay of the landscrape and get ready to rumble. Mr. Mike thinks I'm going to be nervous, but I've got nothing to lose and I don't really get nervous anyway. By the time I get to Sin City, I'm going to have my strategy all set in my head, I'll have my game face ready to go and we'll just be playing some cards. As Lancey Howard (played by Edward G. Robinson) said to the Cincinnati Kid (played by Steve McQueen): "It's all about making the wrong play at the right time." I'm planning on saying that to the first pro that I knock out of the tournament.

My good buddy, Jay, is betting against me cashing, but he's set the odds at 3-1, which considering that only about 10% will cash and there are going to be nearly 8000 players, that's really kind of a favorite's odds. Nobody will bet me that I will get onto TV. I've got a plan to do that.

It is going to be a blast of a lifetime! "Kid, let's play some cards."

Card Player Magazine is doing live coverage of the WSOP, so I think you'll be able to see how I'm doing at this link, once the Main Event starts on July 28th.
Live WSOP Main Event update