Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2008 Presidential Prediction

I predict that neither Hillary Clinton or John McCain will win the Presidential election in 2008 and take the oath of office in January 2009. I don't know who it's going to be or if one or the other of these two will get their party's nomination and lose to someone else, but I know for sure, 100% positive, as they say in football betting - Stone Cold Lock!, it's not going to be them.

Any comments?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The 2006 Midterm Election

Here is the best election result in 2006...

Iowa's 2nd House District
Dave Loebsack (DEM) 51%
Jim Leach (REP)* 49%
100% of precincts reporting

From Newsmax: One of the biggest surprises of the night was Republican Rep. Jim Leach's defeat in Iowa after a career that spanned 30 years, losing to Dave Loebsack, a college professor making his first run for elective office. The two parties spent lavishly on television commercials in dozens of districts deemed competitive - but not that one.

Jim Leach, the sponge that put through the anti-poker/gambling bill at midnight on the Port Security Bill. This was completely unexpected and not on anybody’s radar, so I can only assume that it was revenge of the Iowa online poker players! Way to go!