Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Open Letter to Senator Obama - Debate ideas

My Presidential prediction of Obama getting 300+ electoral votes still stands and it's getting better and better every day.

Here is some advice I've sent to the Obama campaign:

  1. Senator Obama, I noticed that you did mention McCain not wanting to talk with the PM of Spain, but you didn't press it and let him off the hook. I think you should make him answer that question personally and find out why he would blow off a member of NATO, who's suffered a lot at the hand of terrorists.
  2. At the next debate, I think you should bring up this - at the Friday debate, McCain said many times how he was a fighter, fighting for this and fighting for that, but every example he named, he didn't win or persuade anybody, just like when he suspended his campaign and claimed to convince the House GOP to pass the $700 Billion bailout bill.... He is not a winner, he just likes to fight.
  3. When he starts up again with his "Senator Obama doesn't understand", you should throw that back in his face also. Say, the American people can see me in the last debate and this debate understanding all the issues we've been discussing and because I don't agree with your position doesn't mean I don't understand it and reject it as being wrong, wrong, wrong. (remember the rule of 3 - if you say something 3 times, people will really hear it and remember it - never go over 3)...
  4. If you really want to get under his skin, ask him why he considers himself a Maverick. When he starts talking about all the issues he's disagreed on with his party, ask him if the Republicans are just plain wrong that often? If he's working with Democrats so much, then it's a matter of fact that the Democrats have the better ideas on these issues.

As they said in the olde days: "Nail him to the hull".

P.S. My personal opinion:
Americans are not going to elect a grumpy, cranky, dice-throwing, erratic 72 year old fighter pilot to be the next President. When I heard about him being a big gambler at the Indian casino craps table and that he crashed at least 2 planes before he was shot down, that explains a lot.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

DIRECTV is messing up my enjoyment of the NFL Season

September 11, 2008
Chase Carey
P.O. Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

Dear Mr. Carey,

I've been a DIRECTV customer since 2001. In the last seven years, I’ve just gotten the NFL Sunday Ticket package by itself, without any base package. My house is wired so the satellite dish feed only goes to the living room and the rest of my house is wired for cable TV, which I get from Comcast. Every year, I’ve gotten automatically renewed with no problems. I really enjoy watching all the different games.

When I got my first NFL bill this year, which was over 2 months before the NFL season starts, I was out of work and thought I was going to lose my house and paying for the NFL package 2 months in the future just didn't seem like a good idea when I wouldn't have any satellite dish in my future. As you can imagine, I was under a lot of stress. When I cancelled, I wasn’t told that there were any consequences if I wanted to sign up again the future. When I called ADT about cancelling my alarm service, they told me there was going to be a new start up fee and they gave me an option for a lower price, which I could afford.

About a week after I canceled, I got a new job and I won't be losing my house and I'm really going to miss watching all the NFL games, but I'm not going to pay for a 200% increase over what I've been paying in the past, which is what it works out to if I have to get a base package along with the NFL Sunday Ticket.

I was told there is no way to go back to my NFL Sunday Ticket only plan. I find it hard to believe that DIRECTV would treat a long time loyal customer this way. I even found out by checking online that if you complain to the right customer service agent, you can get the SUPERFAN package added for free and that the price had gone down. I paid 5 payments of $45.80 last year and apparently it’s down to $41 something.

I would like to complain directly about Natalie D. #400866. She emailed me on 9/6 and asked for my phone number and said she would call me, but I was never called.

I’m going to cc the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell and ask him to not renew your exclusive contract when it expires. Maybe he can find a company that treats its customers better. I don’t expect anything, but maybe you’ll treat the next customer in a similar situation with a better understanding.

Monday, September 08, 2008

McCain & Palin are no "Mavericks"

Straw Man Argument is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position. To "set up a straw man" or "set up a straw man argument" is to describe a position that superficially resembles an opponent's actual view but is easier to refute, then attribute that position to the opponent (for example, deliberately overstating the opponent's position).

Click on the link below for the new Obama ad countering the McCain ad that called him & Gov. Palin so-called "Mavericks". The GOP is running a straw man campaign where they avoid the issues (McCain's campaign manager declared the election won't be about the issues) and use sarcasm and false claims to move the polls. McCain has moved ahead in some polls, but still all the polls are within the margin of error.

No Mavericks Video

So far, I've raised $500 for Obama. My personal goal is $1000 before my Birthday on October 15th, which is the date of the final Presidential Debate.

September 26, 2008: Presidential debate with domestic policy focus, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS
October 2, 2008: Vice Presidential debate, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
October 7, 2008: Presidential debate in a town hall format, Belmont University, Nashville, TN
October 15, 2008:Presidential debate with foreign policy focus, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY

Please donate if you can and pass this onto to your friends.

TLC's Obama Fundraising Page

Thanks to everyone.

P.S. Here is the real Maverick.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why pick Palin?

Why not pick Palin? As Flush Lintball said: "She's a babe." That's a good a reason as any, I suppose.

McLame realized that he was going to lose big by picking boring losers like Pawlenty or Mitt and he want to shake things up by picking Liebermann, but Flush Lintball and other big shot right wingers told him he couldn't be that much of a Maverick, so he was stuck with Palin as the only big deal that would satisfy his masters.

Maybe their thinking was that picking a woman would help, but
remember that Mondale tried this same gambit and look what happened to him.

Palin seems like a very fine woman, mother and Governor for Alaska, but when the flacks start saying that she's got foreign policy experience because Alaska is next to Russia and that she's tough because she sold the state plane on eBay and that she's a big reformer because she said no to the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere", when in 2006 when she was running for Governor, she was for it and all the other millions of dollars of earmarks that Alaska loves (Alaska gets $300 in earmark cash for each person because the state is so big, but with a population of a congressional district in a more populous state), it just becomes silly.

Watch this CNN interview with McCain spokesman, Tucker "Mr. Talking Points" Bounds and watch how silly it gets the harder he tries not to answer any of the actual questions. This interview caused McCain to cancel an appearance on the Larry King show.

In the end, picking Palin won't make any difference in the 2008 election and my prediction of Obama winning 300+ electoral votes still stands.