Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blog Alert - Looking for Courtney (#124)

When I posted my 49er Gold Rush audition video on all the different video sharing sites, I had no thought of the star of my video, #124, would find it. But last night at 10pm, she found it and put in a comment.. Now my blog story is incomplete and I need to know more, so I'm hoping that Courtney will email me.. here is her comment and my response.

At 10:08 PM, Courtney said...
Hey, I'm # 124, I was searching on the internet the other night and came across this video. When the final Gold Rush team was made I didn't make the cut. Its always disappointing when you fail at something and when I saw this it made me feel good. At least someone thought I was good,I appreciate you noticing me. You learn from failure and this is definitely a learning experience.

At 10:43 PM, Carbubble said...
Hi Courtney, I just can't believe you didn't make the squad. I picked you out of the mass rehearsals and that's why I had the camera ready in video mode when it was your turn. You had all the moves down. This is a travesty of justice! There should be a recount! I've uploaded my video to a whole bunch of video blogs and on Metacafe, it's got massive momentum, so you've been seen by over 80,000 people around the world and of course, you are my favorite. please email me

So if Courtney checks back or if you know her, please tell her.. She didn't fail, they just failed to see her athleticism, grace & beauty.

As they say in the voice acting world - "It's selection, not rejection."

Friday, April 07, 2006

Make All Your Dreams Come True

I just attended Marcia Wieder's "Create Your Future Now" event in San Jose and I went into the weekend with just the intention to have an open mind & heart and find out what I was really dreaming about.

That intention was easily reached after meeting and interacting with all the wonderful, open minded fellow dreamers over three days. I was able to find my purpose - my deep down passionate purpose. I knew it was there and I was living it somewhat, but it was just there and I wasn't able to express it and therefore not able to take advantage of my passion.

I discovered that my purpose in life is to "Be creative, fun and unique". As those who met me in person in San Jose and those who already know me, I think you probably figured that out, but it was really exciting for me to be able to write it down and also add it to my personal blog.

My new belief is that "I will be paid for being creative." I've been creative for a long time (as you can see from other entries on this blog and my video blogs) and nobody has really paid me for it. I've done things at work and for my own and my friends amusement, but I haven't gotten paid directly for anything creative.

I realized over the three days that I want to write a book. I've written songs, movies, stories, jokes, etc. But I've never written a book. So one of my action items on Sunday morning was to find out if the other creative people in the group had some of the same obstacles to fulfilling their dreams as I did.

Learning how to find my dreams and make them come true was such a good experience that I even found out that I want to work on being an inspirational public speaker, so I signed up for that seminar in October.

P.S. my ultimate dream would to be working for Pixar, hanging out with a bunch of other smart and funny people and thinking up fun stuff for their next animated movie, so if anybody know John Lassiter, I'd like to meet him.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Taking the Jeopardy Test

Below is my Jeopardy test report. it’s a preliminary test to choose people for the in person tryout. There were 50 questions and you only had 15 seconds to type in the correct answer – it didn’t have to be in the form of a question – the only way I could figure out to know how many I got correct was to make a video of myself saying the question and answer.

I don't know how many you have to get correct before they ask you to come to an in person tryout. It was really hard and very quick. I think I got 26 correct out of 50.

I missed some easy ones:

Little Shop of Horrors and Kenneth Starr. I also spelled J.K. Rowling's name wrong. I put J.K. Rawlings - so I probably won't get that one.

As far as the ones I didn't get, I suppose I should have know that Kierkergaard was Danish and that the 4th commonwealth is Kentucky and that the "offal" novel of 1906 was "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair (I knew what it was about, but..) I still don't know the answer the Jasper Johns painting question and if I had my bro, LWC, he would have helped with knowing that Tessie was in Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery".

I couldn't remember that Luther was messing with the Pope in 1520 and that it's Santiago Chile that is the other capital south of the Rio Plata and not Montevideo. I goofed up on the statue that was found on the island of Melos in 1820 - it was Aphrodite (with the no arms) and not Athena.

I didn't know that Amylase is an enzyme or that Rutherford B. Hayes' wife was named Lucy and that Shakespeare's works were Comedies, Tragedies & "Histories". I got Beethoven mixed up with Shubert in Unfinished Symphonies in B Minor, mainly because I know nothing about them and I'll never forget in the future that when Shiva destroys, Vishnu is right behind him presevering.

And Russian novelists like Chekov with his Three Sisters is always going baffle me.

I took a video of me taking the test. it took around 11 minutes. here's the link if you want to watch it.