Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finding lost relatives

I've been doing a lot of Genealogy work and finding more about the Coates Family Tree lately. My Dad's 90th birthday is this year and we went over a whole bunch of old family photos that had no labels and put names to everyone.

Here is a link to the Coates/Bertelsen/Jansen family photo album.

This photo is of Thomas Coates b. 1847 in England taken in Oakland in 1885.

The most exciting thing is that I've found two "lost" 2nd cousins recently. I just got in contact with Barbara Astle, who is William Henry Coates' granddaughter. She's got a treasure trove of Coates family historical documents, including the family bible.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Landslide - 2008 Presidential Prediction

This 2008 Presidential election is going to be a landslide. No doubt with Obama at the top of the hill and McCain at the bottom in the debris pile.

All the current polls saying that it's a virtual tie between the two candidates is a bunch of baloney. Pollsters base their polls, questions and voter pool on the last election and that model is way whack!

I predict on June 9, 2008 that Obama will get at least 300 Electoral College votes and probably more like the 370 that Bill Clinton got in 1992.

All the talking heads on the cable news keep talking about "Will the Hillary voters vote for Obama?". They should be paying attention to the facts that 3 months after McCain wrapped up the GOP nomination, that Ron Paul was getting 20% plus in the primaries.

You've got a well known and respected Libertarian Party nominee in Bob Barr, ex-Congressman from Georgia and you are putting your head in the sand if you don't think that McCain is going to be losing votes to him in southern states like North Carolina and Georgia.

I heard that there are 600,000 unregistered African-American voters in Georgia and the Obama campaign has plenty of moola to get a big percentage of them as new voters in November. In 2004, John Kerry got 1.3 million votes in Georgia vs. Bush 1.8MM and in the 2008 Georgia primary, the total Democratic vote was over 1 million. I predict that Obama will get Georgia's 15 Electoral votes and if that happens, it's going to be a landslide.

I can't wait to see the Obama vs. McCain townhall debates. Watch them both speak. Obama is serious and McCain makes those weird sarcastic remarks and so-called jokes and gives us his crystal skull grin. It looks freaky. There is no way America is going to elect a skull as President.