Sunday, January 14, 2007

Raiders of the Lost Ark Mystery

Who is this guy in the yellow box?

This has driven my crazy ever since I saw the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in 1981, so it's been haunting me for 26 years.

Does anybody out there know Steven Spielberg or Harrison Ford or George Lucas and can ask them for me?

It's in the final few minutes of the movie, when they tell Indy that they have "top experts" investigating the Ark. Maybe it's someone's uncle or father, but why is he just standing in the background not saying anything? Please make a comment if you know.

Q: How Cold Was It This Weekend? (13-Jan-07)

How Cold Was It Jokes

A: It was so cold in Castro Valley that running water in my front courtyard fountain froze.

Here is my photo album link. There are 10 photos in the album.

Other Websites I Can't Live Without

I previously listed 20 Websites I can't live without, but there are more...

TV Guide - This are the listings that you can customize for your zip code & Cable or Satellite provider.

Century 25 Union City - This is where I usually go see the movies, mainly because they still have $6.75 bargain matinees with $10.00 regular price.

Jack London Regal Movies - SFO Pizza is right across the street and it's close to work. $9.50 regular & $7.50 matinees

Regal Hacienda 20/IMAX - Closest to my house, but highest prices. $11.00 regular & $8.00 matinee. IMAX is $14.00

Turner Classic Movies - It's got a three month schedule for the Turner Classic movie channel, lots of info about movies, especially old movies. You can make a suggestion for TCM to schedule your favorite. - If you want to bet on sports or horseracing, Bodog is your best bet.

Laurel's TV Picks - I always check Laurel's TV Picks site at the beginning of a new fall TV Season. She's got info on the new shows and an excellent schedule grid that I use to program my various DVR's.

It's Your Show - This is where I submitted my Emperor Penguin Nightmare video and they called me and asked for a better version for the actual TV show. It's a place where you can win prizes for your videos. They have different challenges and they give you sound effects and music to help you create something.

Paul's Hat Works - I've always wanted a custom made Panama Hat, so as soon as I get a windfall, I'm heading to Paul's Hat Works or to Panama Hats by Brent Black. - If you are looking for an Orchid, this is the place to get it. - If you are looking for an unusual gift and it happens to be a Burl Wood box, where else would you go? - Looking for a Weather Station, look no farther.

Carbubble's Photos - Using Picasa to store web photo albums

2008 Presidential Politics

As previously predicted by me, I'm even more sure that neither McCain or Clinton will be the next President. Here are 2 links if you'd like to keep up with the complete roster of candidates from Time Magazine. They call it the Presidential Racing Form...



They show money, trips to early primary states, book rankings on, etc.

Other links for political theatre viewing are CNN & MSNBC.