Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GOP Veep

I predict that no matter who's the GOP nominee, it will be Fred Thompson as Veep. he's perfect for the job. it's not too much work if you don't want it to be, he'd be good as a one VP debate hammer because those writers are not on strike, you get to travel around the world with your hot wife in a fancy plane visiting live or dead dignitaries and if you don't shoot anybody, the late night comics won't make fun of you.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008 Political Thoughts and Bon Mots

I watch Meet the Press, Face the Nation, McLaughlin Group and The News Hour on Friday just for Shields & Brooks every week. I TiVo everything, so I zoom ahead of the boring stuff. I watch Hardball sometimes (always on Friday), but I can't always take Chris Mathews - I like listening to Pat Buchanan's opinions - he's funny. on the radio coming into work, I often listen to Flush Lintball and on the way home, I listen to Sean Hannity. I always watch Countdown with Olbermann and Daily Show. I think I get a pretty broad spectrum of ideas and opinions. I'm still a Tom Clancy Democrat.

I had a new thought. If McCain wins NH, that's the worst scenario for Rudy because McCain will still be in on Feb 5th and Romney with his big $$ won't drop out before then either, so there will still be 4 candidates and the true conservatives don't like McCain because of Immigration and voting against the Bush Tax Cuts and McCain-Feingold campaign finance reforms, they don't like Rudy because of his liberal social stances and they don't like Romney because he's a weasly flip-flopper plus 25% who don't like Mormons, so that leaves Huckleberry to pick up a plurality of the votes and win a bunch on Feb 5th.

My previous predictions are looking good so far. April 12, 2007 - "Romney is toast" and November 14, 2006 - "A Stone Cold Lock that the next President won't be Hillary or McCain." You can look it up.

Monday, January 07, 2008

My Career Personality Type

Your Career Personality Type
We've already discussed your Right Job and your Wrong Job, but you still might be wondering, more specifically, how we found them. While you were taking the test, we determined your scores on six different personality dimensions. No one dimension is any better or worse than the others, but each one is quite distinct and offers insights into your unique combination of attributes, outlooks, and sensibilities.

Your Right Job is what fell out of the equation when we looked at a couple different aspects of your career personality — more specifically, your primary and secondary personality types. Your Wrong Job is what fell out of the inverse equation, what resulted from your lowest scores on the personality dimensions. But for now, let's focus on your Right Job that was determined by your career personality.

Based on the way you answered the test questions, your primary personality type is Analytical, while your secondary personality type is Creative.

Knowing your type is important for a number of reasons: it will help bring to light aspects of your personality you hadn't thought about before, it will raise issues about matching your personality to a career that you might not have previously considered.

Here's an explanation of what that code and what your primary and secondary personalities mean.

Primary Classification
As an Analytical type, your inquisitive nature helps you enjoy the complexities of life. You understand that sometimes there are no clear right and wrong answers, and that's okay with you because you tolerate gray areas better than most. In fact, pondering potential outcomes can sometimes be more interesting than coming up with the definitive solution for you. You march to your own drum and enjoy being in charge more than working and compromising with others. Nothing escapes your keen observational skills, and thinking is your idea of fun.

Secondary Classification
As a Creative type, your ability to look at the world with a fresh perspective keeps life interesting for you and those around you. Instead of following the trends, you want to set them yourself. Establishing a routine is not your goal; you would rather go with the flow and see where your mood takes you that day. You love seeking new experiences and sensations. Your sensitive nature is often turned inward, but your passionate nature also means that you are prone to be impulsive at times.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

There once was a year, 2007
Started out like hell, ended up like Heaven
From too much candy
To not enough lettuce
I had to deal with bad momamptum
And plenty of nomamptum
2007 was a year I hope to forget
I'd predicted that it would be a year of big change
I just didn't realize how painful it would be
Personal losery
Malicious Accusery
When someone be lyin'
You can't go on cryin'
You must always remember
When it gets to September
There is still time
To turn things around
The Union of LONO
Look Out for Number One
The lies fade away
And you can make your way
Always end up on a high note
That way you forget all the bad singing
Live life with confidence
And be a good person
As a famous novelist once said
Everyone gets what they deserve in the end
And that's the truth.