Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008 NCAA Final Four

For the third year in a row, I will predict the outcome of the NCAA March Madness tournament by using my Mascot theory.

We've got University of North Carolina Tarheels vs. the Kansas Jayhawks and everyone knows once a Jayhawk lands in tar, they are history and also on the UNC logo, they've got a Ram, so that would butt the hell out of a bird, no matter how crazy the bird is. A Jayhawk wearing sneakers isn't going to scare anybody.

Tarheels stick all over Jayhawks.

Then we've got the UCLA Bruins vs. Memphis Tigers (who've only lost one game
all year). I could use the baby bruin photo again. But I'll put in the actual logos for both teams.

That Memphis Tiger is going to bounce all over the Bruin. Remember, never let a cat of any size get behind you. You are history.

Tigers Eat Bruins

The Tiger can leap over any tar and would chew up that Ram with no problem, so I predict:

The Memphis Tigers chew up and spit out the North Carolina Tarheels.