Saturday, October 02, 2004

Killer John Kerry

Yeahaaaaa! As Bruce Willis said in "Die Hard", Yippee Ay Oh Kiy Yay, Mother******.

From what Kerry said at the debate on 9/30, this is exactly what he would do - he said "I would hunt them down and kill them!". Like he was Arnold in a movie like Commando. I think he was trying too hard to look tough.

I've said this a million times. the voters who haven't made up their minds are not going to be voting on the war in Iraq or against radical Islamic terrorists, unless we capture Osama or Zarqarwi... it's going to be about what it's been since 1976 - either scandal or economy.
  • 1976 - Nixon Scandal, Carter wins
  • 1980 - Bad economy, malaise, high interest rates - Reagan wins
  • 1984 - great economy - Reagan wins
  • 1988 - seemingly good economy - Bush wins
  • 1992 - bad economy - Clinton wins
  • 1996 - roaring economy - Clinton wins
  • 2000 - Monica scandal - Bush wins
  • 2004 - who knows?

Howard Dean Yell

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