Saturday, September 30, 2006

The World at this time

it's a big conflict of bad things

War=bad, terrorists=bad, dead american soldiers=bad, torture=bad, no torture=bad, listening in on phone calls=bad, not listening in=bad, dead americans=bad, illegal aliens=bad, nuclear bombs=really bad, stay the course? why? change the course? better not, then terrorists win=bad.

before going to Iraq, everyone said it would be quick, but I said: "we're still in Korea after 50 years, so why doesn't anybody just admit it will be like that in Iraq?" Bush gave the terrorists a timetable - he said troops would be there as long as he's president, which is Jan 2009. if they really wanted us to go, they could just stop fighting for 6 months.

too much obfuscation lately. Where is "Morning in America"? bring back Reagan.

I'm voting Yes on Q - parks & open space for Castro Valley.


BetaCygni said...

I finally decided to vote yes on Prop 87 (oil tax). Even though it is creating a new bureaucracy, I figure that since I voted for the borrowing of $3 billion for stem cell research (which created a bureaucracy) I should vote for an oil tax that will create one to decide how to spend the money on alternative energy research. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was the article in today's paper that showed CA is the 3rd largest oil producing state (after TX and AK) and the only one that gets zip from the oil industry.

Lawrence Coates said...

If you like the way things are going now, vote Republican. If you want a change, vote Democrat.