Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tom Coates' on politics in California & the US as of 25-Oct-06

Here are my thoughts as of today: I doubt if the demos would be supposedly winning the congress if it was 2008. I think there is a feeling that the legislative branch isn't doing much of anything (how many days was congress in session, about 94?), lining their big contributors pockets, building bridges to nowhere, building fences and then not paying for it and just being lame. if the demos win all or part of congress, it will be a 2 year trial to see if they can do anything with the prez as a safety factor so they can't go too far. as you already know, I prefer conflicted government and either way is OK with me.

if Pelosi can't control her fringe elements, she'll have a short speakership. everyone deserves a fat chance...

I could never vote for Angelidies. he's too weasly, if that's a word. who wants a pencil neck geek for governor when we have Arnold? I can't vote for Feinstein because she voted for the anti-poker legislation. I can't vote for Barbara "Commie" Lee because I don't like commies, even though she did vote against the anti-poker law.

Be sure to vote if you know who you want to run the government. If you don't know anything, then stay home and don't complain.

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BetaCygni said...

No pencil neck geeks!

My problem with Pelosi in charge is that if she were in charge, we wouldn't have gotten the detainee and wiretapping laws we need to defeat the enemy. So it DOES make a difference who is charge of Congress because occassionally they do something we need.