Sunday, January 14, 2007

2008 Presidential Politics

As previously predicted by me, I'm even more sure that neither McCain or Clinton will be the next President. Here are 2 links if you'd like to keep up with the complete roster of candidates from Time Magazine. They call it the Presidential Racing Form...



They show money, trips to early primary states, book rankings on, etc.

Other links for political theatre viewing are CNN & MSNBC.


BetaCygni said...

Unfortunately the Presidential Primary Calendar is so front loaded these days (CA is probably going to move to February), that only someone who can raise huge amounts of money before the process even starts has a chance. I expect that after Iowa and NH, it will come down to one front runner and one challenger in each party. So that means Hillary and the anti-Hillary and McCain and the anti-McCain.

The Clinton attack machine has started taking aim at Obama, so he is going to be sweating bullets from now on. I think Hillary is a lock for the Democrats.

McCain and Guiliani are the most likely two candidates that emerge after Iowa and NH. Either one could win. The last two interviews I saw of those two, Guiliani seemed to be enjoying himself and McCain was like a wooden statue, so Guiliani may have an edge.

BetaCygni said...

Here is an interesting take on Edwards trying to shift the blame for faulty intellegence from Bush (who won't be on the ballot) to the Clinton's:

Hillary's husband's people lied and thousands died? Sounds catchy...

BetaCygni said...

Here is that link on two lines (paste them together):

I'm not sure why it got chopped off last time.