Saturday, April 07, 2007

Giant Rat of Sumatra

I hate rats and I hate rat cousins. Earlier this week, I smelled something bad and then flies started showing up. Luckily, I have my Orkin Man's cel phone number, so I called him up and he came over in about an hour. There was a big dead rat in the crawl space behind my comfy chair, so when he opened up the vent, the smell became really bad. The dirty, stinking rat was way under the floor, so he took a long pole, duct taped a glue trap to it and snagged the rat. He asked me if I wanted to see it and I decided to go check some email. He said that if I had waited another day or so, the stink would have lingered a lot longer. The moral of this story is: Don't poison a rat, but if someone else does, be sure to have the Orkin Man's cel phone number.

P.S. This year, 2007, hasn't been a very good year for me so far. Lots of things have broken, lots of frustrations, lots of problems and then a Dead Rat. I've decided that the Dead Rat is it. No more bad things will happen to me for the rest of the year, cuz it's got a lot of making up to do... So that's it!


BetaCygni said...

This is the Chinese Year of the Rat, so perhaps it is really the Year of the Dead Rat.

BetaCygni said...

Maybe you need a Rodenator?