Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008 Political Thoughts and Bon Mots

I watch Meet the Press, Face the Nation, McLaughlin Group and The News Hour on Friday just for Shields & Brooks every week. I TiVo everything, so I zoom ahead of the boring stuff. I watch Hardball sometimes (always on Friday), but I can't always take Chris Mathews - I like listening to Pat Buchanan's opinions - he's funny. on the radio coming into work, I often listen to Flush Lintball and on the way home, I listen to Sean Hannity. I always watch Countdown with Olbermann and Daily Show. I think I get a pretty broad spectrum of ideas and opinions. I'm still a Tom Clancy Democrat.

I had a new thought. If McCain wins NH, that's the worst scenario for Rudy because McCain will still be in on Feb 5th and Romney with his big $$ won't drop out before then either, so there will still be 4 candidates and the true conservatives don't like McCain because of Immigration and voting against the Bush Tax Cuts and McCain-Feingold campaign finance reforms, they don't like Rudy because of his liberal social stances and they don't like Romney because he's a weasly flip-flopper plus 25% who don't like Mormons, so that leaves Huckleberry to pick up a plurality of the votes and win a bunch on Feb 5th.

My previous predictions are looking good so far. April 12, 2007 - "Romney is toast" and November 14, 2006 - "A Stone Cold Lock that the next President won't be Hillary or McCain." You can look it up.


cuz vik said...

Exactly what is a "Tom Clancy democrat"? You're liberal but like to blow stuff up?

Carbubble said...

I came up with Tom Clancy Democrat myself. It means that I'm generally a moderate Democrat, but I believe that the Terrorists are reading Tom Clancy books, since one of his plots is a plane crashing into the US Capitol during a state of the union address and killing most of the government and his next book was about them bringing a Nuke and trying to set it off at the Super Bowl. So I'm for border control and vigorous action against the bad guys and I'm not that liberal.