Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why pick Palin?

Why not pick Palin? As Flush Lintball said: "She's a babe." That's a good a reason as any, I suppose.

McLame realized that he was going to lose big by picking boring losers like Pawlenty or Mitt and he want to shake things up by picking Liebermann, but Flush Lintball and other big shot right wingers told him he couldn't be that much of a Maverick, so he was stuck with Palin as the only big deal that would satisfy his masters.

Maybe their thinking was that picking a woman would help, but
remember that Mondale tried this same gambit and look what happened to him.

Palin seems like a very fine woman, mother and Governor for Alaska, but when the flacks start saying that she's got foreign policy experience because Alaska is next to Russia and that she's tough because she sold the state plane on eBay and that she's a big reformer because she said no to the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere", when in 2006 when she was running for Governor, she was for it and all the other millions of dollars of earmarks that Alaska loves (Alaska gets $300 in earmark cash for each person because the state is so big, but with a population of a congressional district in a more populous state), it just becomes silly.

Watch this CNN interview with McCain spokesman, Tucker "Mr. Talking Points" Bounds and watch how silly it gets the harder he tries not to answer any of the actual questions. This interview caused McCain to cancel an appearance on the Larry King show.

In the end, picking Palin won't make any difference in the 2008 election and my prediction of Obama winning 300+ electoral votes still stands.

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