Thursday, October 09, 2008

More advice for Barack Obama & Joe Biden

I think that Senator McCain is chicken and now he's hiding behind his wife's & running mate's skirts while they spout disgraceful statements.

I think you should add disgraceful & dishonorable to erratic as a constant theme.

I think that Senators Biden & Obama should do back to back "full ginsburgs" and talk on all 5 sunday morning news shows and challenge the opponents. Answer all the questions and then ask why McCain & Palin are too scared to answer questions. Why would a fighter pilot and moose hunter be scared?

McCain keeps asking "who is the real Obama?". If he knew how to use a computer, he could Google "obama" and discover that he's been running for President for 20 months, talking to 100's of thousands of American citizens (not prisoners) and most people do know who Barack Obama is. I'll bet that McCain has a VCR in each of his many houses and they all blink 12:00.

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