Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who is goooooood girl?

I've gotten a couple of comments on my blog from "goooooood girl", just saying: "I like your blog." is "goooooood girl" a real person? If you are a real person, let me know.

Just curious.


I think I've figured out who "gooooooood girl" is: Is that you, Annette Obrestad? I use sitemeter to track how many people view my blog and it also shows the location, so on Jan 1st, someone from Elverum, Norway checked out my blog for 49 seconds and exited on the page where I talked about my WSOP Academy of Poker class in Las Vegas where I met and played against Annette Obrestad. Just a guess.

If it is you, I think it's way cool that you are reading my blog. If I knew I had a fan, I would write more. I haven't had much time to play any poker lately, but so far in 2009, I'm way ahead in wagering on the college bowl games.

My email is: if you want to say Hi. Good luck!!


Doublebanker said...

Just a harassment poster trying to promote poker.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think, goooooood girl is full tilt related.
I had for about 6 months a poker blog in my native language... far from English. Another six months after my last post I find a comment from this goooooood girl saying "So good". My last post was about odds, casinos and some Texas Hold'em... and I did used a lot of terms in English. Imho goooooood girl searches through blogger posts for various combinations of words and then lives a comment ... just to get you to the "" page that appears as single info in the goooooood girl's blogger profile. Kind of lame marketing... but who am I to judge.

Anonymous said...

Yup, goooooood girl is SPAM marketing device.