Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hurricanes vs. Riots

1. If Saddam could have gotten nukes, we and the whole world would have been in massive trouble, so we're lucky he was unsuccessful and we don't have to ever worry about him any more, so we are better off
2. Scooter Libby is a big fat liar and he lied because it was very close to the election, he wanted to delay things and I think he didn't know that Fitzgerald would go so hard on the reporters and he thought he could get away with it
3. it's a really bad idea to tell anybody without secret clearance top secret info and those who do that, whether it's officially a crime or not, should lose their secret clearance. there should be a new law that says that and it's hard to believe that part of keeping your secret clearance doesn't already include that
4. I'm 100% sure that no POTUS would ever lie to get us into a war. I do think that Bush should have been more cautious and that Rummy was and still is the big problem because of his lame planning and Bush should have accepted one of his resignations.
5. Unless somehow, which seems impossible now, before 2008 the Israel/Palestinian problem in the West Bank is fixed, history will show that Bush wasn't a very good president. I just can't see anything good coming in Iraq.
6. I read in today's paper that they are finally using US troops to seal the Syrian border. more dumb planning. that should have been done a year ago when they realized that all these foreign fighters were coming in.
7. I'm still happy Kerry didn't win, which might also be ironic. if he hadn't been moronic, he might have won.
8. I'm waiting for a Presidential candidate with the following platform: The goal of the USA will be that within 10 years, we will not import one drop of Mideast Oil. We will only subsidize Big Oil for Canadian Tar Sands research to lower the price to directly compete with crude. We will drill in ANWAR, but also raise CAFE standards. Go forward with a Manhattan style program for wind, solar, tidal and other non-foreign sources of power. Fully fund stem cell research to compete with the Koreans and the rest of the world (it's going to be embarrassing if some other country discovers a cure for diabetes or helps people with spinal cord injuries and we've restricted the research, not to mention very costly).


Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with "Hurricanes versus riots"?

Carbubble said...

Nothing, but it's a nice headline, eh? It came from an email that was discussing the French criticizing our dealing with poor people in the aftermath of the Katrina hurricane and now they are having problems with their poor who are rioting all over the country.