Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Narrow Margin (1952)

This is from my favorite Film Noir "B" Movie - Narrow Margin made in 1952. This is Marie Windsor (Mrs. Frankie Neall) along with Charles McGraw (Det. Sgt. Walter Brown). She plays a tough talking broad and he's the cop transporting her to Los Angeles by train.

Before he meets her in person, his partner, Gus Forbes, asks him about her.

Forbes: "What about this dame?"
Brown: "She's a dish."
Forbes: "What kind of dish?"
Brown: "A sixty cent special... Cheap, flashy and all poison under the gravy."

You just don't get that kind of dialog any more...

Of course, another reason I like this movie is that her name is Frankie, which is close enough to my theory posulating that 80% of all US movies have a character named Frank.

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