Thursday, August 31, 2006

Opening up random spam

I don’t know if you ever open up a random spam message, but when Outlook strips out the bad stuff, there are a bunch of random words that are left behind that I guess the expert spammers try to use to get through the spam filters. I opened up a spam message because the subject line was “ass Roberts” and that made me laugh.. I discovered that there is was a compelling, strange and possibly disturbing story from the far off land of India, hidden in the spam.. here it is for your reading pleasure…

arrow?" 'Alas', my brother, I do not know,' said the Curator. 'Nay, if way through the press of all the races in Upper India, and the lamaa bow as none might bend. Thou knowest?' 'It is written. I have read.'-sore eyes. Ask. him that also, O thou Little Friend of all the

here alone. For five seven - eighteen - forty years it was in my mind. Shing, the Chinese bootmaker in the bazar. His eyes turned up at the vernacular by preference, and his mother-tongue in a clipped uncertain poles by the side of the road snatching up and snatching up their the miraculous birth; the death at Kusinagara, where the weak disciple shop, where a man lay. 'He drove away the bull,' said the woman in an He is quite mad, and I am tired of Lahore city. I wish new air and heavy fruit-eating bat cowers, and returned to his rosary. 'Stand sleepy clerk grunted and flung out a ticket to the next station, just intensely human, and lives to look upon life. Kim marked down a gaily I shall meet one of the pure faith in a Jain temple of that city. He Delhi he wired: 'Lutuf Ullah. Have wired two thousand rupees your at death consisted of three papers - one he called his 'ne varietur'-Kim pointed to the ticket-office - 'who will give thee a paper to a rose. 'And whom didst thou worship within?' said Kim affably, circular biz bushwhack asterisk

Except for the "circular biz bushwhack asterisk", the rest is from "Kim" by Rudyard Kipling

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