Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Fable

A Fable

Once upon a time, there lived in the East Woods a hermit named Sam. Sam was old of body, but young at heart. All the birds and animals of the forest liked him and they were his best friends. Sam didn't want to be a hermit, but the evil witch Phoenix had put a spell on him and had broken his heart. Then he went to see a fortune teller hoping for good news and was told that soon his meager income would be taken away by the Sheriff. Sam was very sad. What would happen to him?

POOF! Out of nowhere appeared an Irish Jinni. She told Sam to find the BATS. The BATS held the secret of the IMPROV. She said that the BATS would teach him to be a better person. The Jinni put Sam under a good spell that compelled him to find the BATS. Little did Sam know that the BATS would soon change his whole life. He told the Jinni that he would leave the woods and search Magic City for the BATS.

Sam hadn't been to Magic City for a very long time. He was very unsure of himself. He had never heard of the IMPROV. What could it be?

When Sam first saw the BATS, he was so amazed that he was speechless. The BATS were a company of singers, dancers, wizards and sorcerers. They played games, sang and danced the night away. Sam was so happy. Why hadn't he found out about the IMPROV earlier. He had so much time to make up. The BATS told him that he could play with them after learning the rules. Even the rules were amazing: Accept, never deny. Make your partner look good. Be free, don't censor yourself. Don't judge others and they won't judge you. The most wonderful thing was that even though there was a competition, both teams helped each other.

That night, Sam made a promise to himself. His new quest in life was to be playing with the BATS, adding to the enjoyment of others, within one year. He would need lots of help, since he had been hiding in the woods for so many years. He had no experience, but that didn't bother him. He had seen his destiny. He wanted to be part of the magic.

It was spring time. The May flowers were blooming. Nature was renewing itself after the cold winter. Spring is Sam's favorite time of year. It is the time of year for new experiences, new adventures and a time to shake off the winter doldrums. He wasn't very happy this particular spring. His heart had not mended and his income would soon disappear.

Sam traveled across the big stream to the meadow where the BATS held forth with their mystical exploration of the IMPROV. He met one of the few women that has had a positive influence on his life. She was more than just an ordinary woman. Her name was Babe. She had the magic. It swirled around her like a vaporous snake. She could metamorphose her body, her face and her emotions in an instant. From beautiful and sexy to mean and ugly to lonely and sad before your very eyes. Sam was astounded. She was special. He had to know more about the magic. Babe was the one to teach him.

Babe started Sam on his way. She brought him into the wonderful world of the IMPROV. He met other troupes of magicians. They expanded his mind. His creativity, long dormant, was revived. His whole life changed from ordinary to extraordinary. The IMPROV allowed Sam to endure when the Sheriff took away his income.

Now it is four years later. Spring will soon be here. Sam has a new source of income that is greater than before and is living a brand new castle, but something is missing. A different woman. One to share the wonderful world that surrounds Sam. A woman that can make another great change to Sam's life. Someone with a caring heart, a gentle soul and a loving smile. A woman that brings joy to any room she enters. A woman that desires a partner as giving as she is. Someone that deserves the best Sam can give.

Sam has heard whispers...small voices of the Fairies in the Woods. They are saying that there is such a woman, but Sam must search far and wide in order to find her....

The dance has begun...


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