Sunday, February 19, 2006

Poem - Frogs on Ladders

Frogs on Ladders

Out of the sky they're falling down,
Red and Blue and Green and Brown,
Floating here and gliding there,
Where they'll land, who know where.
See the freeway and the beans,
Flying above the changing scenes,
Here comes Tony, he plummets down,
All the rest go round and round.
He sees no beans or any road,
He sees himself, squashed like a toad.
The runway looms, hard as granite,
This wasn't how he had planned it.
It should be great, this falling free.
Tony thinks, this just can't be!
Tony thinks?? That's not true!
He must be up there, sniffing glue!
He yanks the lines, he pulls with care,
He hopes the chute will soon hold air.
The chute unfurls, there it goes,
His quick descent finally slows.
He hits the ditch, he hits his face,
In falling speed, he's got first place.
He's still got the ripcord in his hand,
Inside his head, he hears a band.
He's still alive, to his delight,
He'll think twice, before the next flight!

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