Sunday, February 19, 2006

Poem - Travels with an Aunt

Travels with an Aunt

I was stuck inside a tortoise shell
Sliding in the mud
My head started ringing like a bell
When I suddenly stopped with a thud.
I stuck out my head to see the light
And was amazed at what I saw
A pterodactyl in full flight
With my shell grasped in his claw.
The flying reptile set me down
As softly as can be
I looked around and saw a clown
He was riding on a flea.
I found a girl and kissed her face
She hugged me and she cried
"Get me out of this crazy place!"
So I got a crowbar and pried.
The flying lizard fell off the cliff
The girl and I did run
On the beach we found a skiff
And then we had some fun.

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