Friday, July 28, 2006

At least 8,200 WSOP 2006 players

There are officially at least 8,200 participants, over $82,000,000 in prize money and the word on the street is that there will be up to 500 alternates per day.

Lucky for me, the "Grinder" is playing on day 1A, so I can easily stay away from him until the 2nd day.

Here is the link to follow "live" events.

Look for me on Sunday.


BetaCygni said...

Here is a link the MSNBC poker blog:

Here is the tag line at the bottom:

Andy Wang is the co-producer of Dealt Out, a forthcoming documentary about the rise and fall of New York City's storied underground poker clubs. He and his friends will blog throughout the World Series of Poker, or at least until they get eliminated and have to go back to their day jobs.

BetaCygni said...

Here is a list of players to watch from Andy Wang's blog:

Hmmmm. He left out carbubble! Sponge!