Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pokerstars WSOP2006 goodie bag

Because I won the satellite, I won 9 free days in the Monte Carlo hotel (more when I keep winning), but you have to wear some kind of PokerStars logowear... here is a preview of the goodie bag I'll get when I arrive.
  • One duffel bag (top left), big enough to carry two watermelons or a medium-sized dog.
  • Baseball jersey (below bag)
  • Letterman-style jacket (right of baseball jersey)
  • Two baseball caps, one commemorative baseball, and a plush teddy bear (on top of jacket)
  • PokerStars t-shirt (right of jacket)
  • Basketball jersey (right of t-shirt)
  • Hockey jersey (bottom left)
  • Soccer jersey (bottom right)
  • Commemorative card capper and trading cards (on top of soccer jersey)

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BetaCygni said...

If you play a sport. Go ahead!