Sunday, July 23, 2006

My WSOP rules...

Here are my rules for playing in the 2006 World Series of Poker...

  1. Have fun
  2. I’ve got nothing to lose
  3. Don’t make any bull moves
  4. Don’t go all in on the first day without the absolute nuts
  5. Stay away from the Grinder and any other pros until after the first 2 days
  6. Play quality hands from position
  7. Don’t bluff a guy who can’t be bluffed, like a short stack when nearing the bubble
  8. Play tight as a drum on the first day
  9. Aggressive poker is winning poker after day one
  10. I’ve already won!

I feel that I'm the best prepared as I can be. I've gained a massive amount of Texas Hold Em knowledge in the past couple of months. I've tested out new theories. I tested out massive bluffing last time I played with Jay, Glenn, Mike, Stefan, Steve, Keith and Tim and I didn't get called once, so I know I'm not giving anything away easily.

Jay bet Mike from Omicron $300-$100 that I wouldn't cash and now that there might be as many as 10,000 players, it should probably be more like 900-1, but I feel confident that Jay will have to pay off.

I just got an oil change and my A/C recharged for the drive to Vegas. I recently installed a MP3 changer in the trunk, so I'll have about 1000 songs to listen to on the trip along with Phil Gordon's "Little Green Book" of poker on CD.

Here is my schedule:

  • Thursday Jul 27: Drive to Las Vegas, check in with Pokerstars & get swag, shirts & hats.
  • Friday Jul 28: relax, more poker book study, go over to the Rio and check out the lay of land & see Penn & Teller Show (I've got a seat in the front row) in the evening.
  • Saturday Jul 29: relax, more poker book study & early to bed
  • Sunday Jul 30: Shuffle up and Deal! first day of play
  • Monday Jul 31: final day one of the tournament - day off for me
  • Tuesday Aug 1: first 2 days play from 1600 down to 700
  • Wednesday Aug 2: second w days play from 1600 down to 700 - I will be playing
  • Thursday Aug 3: Day off for everyone - Brunch at Paris
  • Beyond August 3rd - getting near to cashing - hopefully I'll still be playing and have to get to bed early again.
  • August 10th - Final Table - who won da money? probably $10 Million for the winner.

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Sloveez said...

Good Luck Tom!

I'm confident that Jay will definitely have to pay me off!

-= Mike from Omicron