Thursday, July 27, 2006

My 6th Sense is already working..

I found 6 cents in my hotel room under a lamp, so that seems like an omen to me... I've been in Las Vegas for 3 hours and I'm in the plusage... as Ken would say: "Not bad".

I'm meeting my old buddy Terry from Qantel and his wife Peg for dinner tonight. We're going to an Irish Pub in New York New York. They are here for Terry's birthday.

I had about 60 lbs. of coins laying around, so I stopped at Primm, which is right on the CA/NV border and traded them in for $285, so that's my playing around money if I need any. I'm hoping that I'll be too busy to play around. There was a tremendous lightning storm right on the border, so here's a real photo of lighning hitting Las Vegas that I didn't take, but you get the idea.

For my cube-mate, Steve - the temperature in Bakersfield at 9am ,when I stopped for gas at Costco ($3.07/gallon) was 100F.

I cut about 40 minutes off the predicted time for driving by averaging 71.1 mph. There are nice reststops about every 90 minutes, so it was an easy drive...


BetaCygni said...

For many years, I've been putting all the coins I find in a fancy "glass" (actually ceramic) that I got once when I went out to dinner with some guys from Bailey Controls when I worked at the refinery. I was at some Instrument Society conference I think.

Anyway, I got some type of fruity drink in a fancy glass with a parasol on top and I saved it. I figure it is good luck to save money that you find. I call it my Milkshake Fund. When I'm 60, I'm going to Disneyland for my birthday, walk up Main Street, and use the money to buy a milkshake.

Anonymous said...

We're on your side, M & D